Just Enough for Grace

In the past several years I have been faced with so many situations that are incredibly unjust, by my own innate sense of justice that is. I find myself crying out for these wrongs to be righted–in my own life as well as in the community I am a part of. Through this process I am coming to grips with the incredible truth of God’s divine design. Justice is a God given desire within us, but because of sin it is a desire that is detoured and broken. Only Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross provides a place just enough for grace.
Justice is our soul’s demand.
A cry that echoes across time’s span.
The wretched plight of untold souls,
Robbed of justice by life’s woes,
Their ragged pleas ignored,
Overshadowed by the ruling hoard.
And our bleeding souls seek the place,
Just enough for grace.

Created by his hand,
For a distinctly better Land,
Fashioned and molded in fire,
Justice a God born desire.
So broken by the curse,
And it’s only getting worse,
Needing infinitely more,
Than human justice has in store.
Our souls persist to seek the place,
Just enough for grace.

Brutal, broken, and despised,
Justice mocked before our eyes,
As Heaven’s gift is cut down,
Yet he utters not one sound.
Do you worst oh Evil One,
For your scheme will be undone.
Divine Son creates the place,
Just enough for grace.

For by injustice veil is torn,
Eyes can see a bright new morn.
Justice served has paved the way,
And out of curse comes heaven’s play,
At last our soul finds the place,
Just enough for grace.

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