It’s Just Noise

The boys and  have begun to memorize 1 Cor. 13, the well-known love chapter. Verse one says that without love, no matter what language we speak, we are nothing more than a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. As we practiced this verse, Jaden asked what a gong is. I did my best to describe a gong, and said the primary point was that a gong is not musical or pretty to listen to. Rather it is loud, jarring, and can even be irritating.

Later this afternoon we were heading out the pick strawberries at a local farm, along with another student I had invited from school. Roman was eager to share his new knowledge so asked her, “Do you know what a gong is?” Then before she could answer, “It’s a thing you hit with a hammer and it makes a boing–oing-oing–oing sound, not like music at all. It’s just noise.”

Just noise…when my life and attitudes lack love, I become a participant in the noise of life. Not the music, the noise. Loud, jarring, even irritating. If I “have not love” my words may be intelligent, but they are not beautiful.  They may be witty and clever, but they are not valuable.

Everything valuable that ever has or ever will come out of my life will be the result of LOVE–Christ’s love working in me, spilling out of me, replacing the noise with music.

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