It’s All About Point of View

In my eighth grade literature class we are learning about point of view. How much a story can change when told by a different person. For a fun exercise to prove this point, I had them rewrite well known childhood stories, from the point of view of the villain. Imagine “The Three Pigs” from the point of view of the Mr. Wolf. Of course Mr. Wolf is no longer the carnivorous scoundrel out to devour three innocent pigs. Instead he is a secret agent on a mission to bring three criminal pigs to justice! Now that’s a story we haven’t heard before.

I am convinced that much of what I don’t understand in life, can be explained by differing points of view. My agenda and God’s do not always line up. Even when I pray for His eyes and His heart, I resist when He begins to answer that prayer. What I really want is for Him to have my eyes, and my heart.  And when I ask to see the bigger picture, I am hoping that it will somehow comfort me, and bring a deeper contentment into my life, not rock my boat, or drive me out of my comfort zone.

But God continues with painstaking patience to write His story into my life. And in those moments when He allows me a glimpse of His precious trust, I am blown away. I cringe at my own selfishness. I recoil at my complacency.  The other day as I prayed fervently for God to bring about the salvation of one of the inmates Joel has been ministering to, God spoke to me, “Are you willing for me to answer this prayer if it costs you?” Cost me! Am I willing for God’s will to cost me?  Quickly upon the heals of this challenge, God reminded me, “Your salvation cost me my Son.”  From God’s point of view my fervency is only relevant if I have considered the cost, and welcomed the sacrifice.

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