Irrevocable Gifts

I am traveling with a team from Wycliffe Associates, sharing at banquet events  all that God is doing through Wycliffe Associates and the MAST translation program. I am humbled by the part God has invited me to have on the WA team in building his kingdom around the world, Getting to share with people night after night has awakened me to the powerful work God has done in and through me over these past eight years.

Last Saturday as I was speaking at one of the banquets I shared how I sat with my sister Dar Gail, the day Joel was sentenced, and told her that I just prayed God would take the desire to minister globally out of my heart. I remember feeling as if it were a strange thing to pray, but I couldn’t stand my own prevailing desire to be part of something I was no longer qualified for or capable of. That’s when Dar Gail suggested that I talk to the leaders at Wycliffe Associates, and through a series of divine events I joined their staff.

The day after the banquet, fellow-missionary who has volunteered with WA before, and had attended the night before called me. He wanted to share a verse of Scripture with me that God had laid on his heart in relation to that story. Romans 11:29 tells us, “The gifts and the callings of God are irrevocable.” God wouldn’t take the desire out of my heart because it was the calling and the gift that He Himself had placed there, and therefore it was irrevocable. Instead, he said, “I have something away better for you.”  Psalm 139 proclaims, “You made all my delicate parts” (vs. 13). In the Hebrew the word used for delicate parts is a reference to the kidneys—known in that culture as the seat of desire and longings. God designed the most intricate parts of my soul! He created me with these passions and longings. It is part of His image displayed in me, and as such it will not be taken away.

I am so blown away at the intimate, personal way that God cares for each of us. His unique touch in creation and calling cannot be ignored! He designed me to reflect his glory through global ministry and he has gently invited me deeper and deeper into that role, laid out for me even as I was forming in my mother’s womb. When I prayed for  relief from that desire, begged for a reprieve, God knew better. Instead he has opened doors I never could have imagined, to give me an even greater vision of what he is doing in the world. I stand before Him awed and undone. I am changed by his glory in me. I am empowered by his gift and calling. I am overwhelmed by His love!

So what is it you can’t get out of your heart? Out of your head? What is it that evokes an emotional response, a passion in you? Have you considered that passion, that emotional connection might have been placed there by God himself as you were being formed in within your mother? That it might be his stamp of his image on you? Perhaps we would do well to explore these issues within our own hearts in light of Romans 11:29 and Psalm 139.

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