Inescapable Pursuit

I am a quality time kind of gal. I love it when one of my friends suggests we spend good, purposeful time together. And I’m not much into small talk. Not that I can’t chit chat a bit with ease (My family nickname isn’t Blabs for nothing.) But what really matters to me is purposeful conversation, deep, meaningful, bonding kind of conversation. When someone I care deeply about reciprocates that affection by confiding in me, I feel an inexplicable satisfaction.  Genuine friendships are a true treasure, not to be taken lightly. And what makes a friendship deep and abiding is the level of intimacy reached through confiding in one another.

We have a lot of crazy fun in our family over being the first one to know one anothers’ big news. When my older sister was pregnant with her final son, I was honored beyond words to be one of the first people she called to share this news with. By the same token, when I have news, good or bad, I immediately think, “Who can I trust to share this with? Who do I want to know first?”

When God had important news to share with mankind, He chose to confide in a humble Jewish girl, her soon-to-be husband, and later a bunch of bewildered shepherds. The God of the universe invested in ragged humanity! When we were lost beyond any hope, God provided a Way, the Way. He revealed Himself in the most intimate of ways, offering a Gift only He could offer.

When I think of the ways God pursues me, I am overwhelmed by His love.  God is always available and longing to spend quality time with me. He has shared with me the deep, personal, and purposeful message of Scripture, the revelation of Himself. God! The Creator of the universe. The Sustainer of all things! The One Who was and Who is and Who is to come invests in a relationship with me! That is stunning! That is enough to make my heart skip a beat. That kind of pursuit is inescapable.

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