I Stand in Awe…

Marshall and I are in New York traveling with Wycliffe Associates to promote Bible translation through banquet events. We have had a lot of rain as we’ve traveled the north east this time of year. I love rain. And walking in it is a special kind of joy. But it’s been cold along with all that rain and I didn’t bring a coat on this trip—I know, what was I thinking! I guess the extra warm spring weather we had been having in Milwaukee, lulled me into thinking it was going to be warm everywhere. Thursday it rained. Friday it rained. Saturday it was foggy with rain. Sunday was our day off. We were supposed to go to Niagara Falls. Forecast: cold enough for the rain to mix with snow.
I prayed—a simple plea to my Father, for a change in the forecast, no rain, just a little bit of sun and maybe warmer temps. We woke up Sunday morning to cloudy skies, but no rain. I thanked God that we might stay dry. I didn’t expect rain, even though it was still in the forecast. Feeling a little underdressed without coats, we headed to the mall to see what we could pick up on after season clearance. Spring jacket for $8! Yep, that’ll do! And a good heavy duty men’s coat for Marshall $20! Sold!
Late  in the morning we were off to the Falls. It was cold and windy but no rain. Our coats and brisk walking kept us warm. The Falls were gorgeous and getting to walk across the bridge to Canada was something we had dreamed about for a long time. But the moment of true beauty came as we were eating a quick lunch and I felt something warm on my arm. Turning toward the window I saw the sun! The sky was cloudy but I could see blue patches breaking through the clouds. I didn’t know how long it would last so we hurried lunch and headed back outside. The warmth on my back and shoulders felt like a warm hug from my precious, intimately invested Heavenly Father.
We walked the pathway along the perimeter of the falls, enjoying the beauty of His creation. We watched clouds shaped like hearts float across the blue sky. And on the drive back to Buffalo, the sunset painted the horizon orange, red, gold and purple! The Artist of eternity splashed color across the sky and touched the clouds with gilded edges. “He opens his and and satisfies the desires of every living creature…” And I couldn’t even take a picture; it was too beautiful to capture on a screen. The wonder of His creative touch is that it comes in a million different places all over the world, over and over again. The colors faded, sun disappeared, but it will rise in artistic wonder on the world’s round trip. He is into encore presentations!
Reflecting on our day, I’m amazed that this Master designer, Artist, Creator, God of the universe, is my Father! And that He purposefully infuses his beauty into my life. It’s not just the sunshine. Or the waterfalls. Or the sunset. It’s that He chose to give me the gift of seeing them all as flowing from His hand straight into my life. He changed the forecast, and gave me sunshine! He formed clouds, and painted the sky a myriad of colors for me. He wrapped me in the warmth of his love and the cold spray of water from the thunder-power of His waterfall cascaded over me.  I am in awe…always in awe of his power, his beauty, but most of all of his intimate love.

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