I Hate This Airport!

I dragged two carry-ons down the long hallway, keeping a peripheral eye on my little traveling companion, Roman. We had just returned form a week-long trip to Florida: work for me, play with the grandparents for him. As I entered the main area on the second floor of the Milwaukee International Airport, I marveled at how familiar this airport was to me. “Who would have thought I would know this airport like my own neighborhood, one day,” I thought. Suddenly, unbidden, another thought arose, “I don’t want to know this airport. I hate this airport. I don’t want to know this city. I hate…” But before the thought could proceed to its natural conclusion, God’s Spirit gave me pause. I don’t have the “luxury” of self-direction, not even for one moment! I told myself.

Certainly, it’s true that our trip to Florida had included so many of the earmarks of home that I have dearly missed: warmth, sunshine, tropical flowers, the beach and thunderstorms, not to mention precious family and friends. And returning to windy, barren Wisconsin, a place of icy sidewalks, and freezing rain, was a bit disheartening. Such descriptions are temporal, however, and really depend on perspective. For Wisconsin also means, new adventures like sledding, a growing relationship with an inner-city church, close friends, and best of all, Joel at home!

Wisconsin has indeed been a unique calling for me. It represents a new direction in my life from a God who refuses to allow us to become comfortable at the expense of knowing and pursing Him. It also represents God’s grace and provision; a provision of 18 months reduction in sentence for Joel; a provision of close spiritual friends whom God practically dropped in my lap; and a provision of a job that is also a ministry for my husband-with-a-record. Yes, Wisconsin is a new challenge and a new blessing. So the Spirit’s check as I meandered through the airport, burdened by crushing homesickness, was really another mark of His powerful grace and compassion. For God will give us a love for what he calls us to, if we allow him to. And that his what he is doing for me in Wisconsin.

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