How Many Times Do I have to Tell you?

Recently it feels like I live in a world of dejavu. Either that or I really am saying things over and over again to children who are actually deaf. “I’m sure you never told me that!” is a common defense these days.  Of course, we are moving and life is a little chaotic right now, not to mention new schools and new schedules. But seriously, is that any excuse for deafness?

The other day I told Marshall to take a box of tools out to the garage. I came by the hallway a while later and the box was still there. So I made a mental note to remind Marshall to take care of it. When he came up from his work in the basement I said, “That box still needs to go to the garage.” And I expected that would be the end of it. But no, at bedtime, guess where the box was? In the hallway! So with mild irritation I asked Marshall why he had not taken the box to the garage. And do you believe he is absolutely convinced that I never told him to take that box. His defense is that he took the box I asked him to take and this is a different box. Am I losing my mind?

And this is not the only instance of random deafness that has been affecting our family. Recently at dinner I had just told Jaden the answer to a question and he was asking it again! That’s when I about lost it and said those infamous words, “How many times do I have to tell you?!” And that’s when God’s Spirit within me, echoed the question, “How many times do I have to tell you?–that I am enough for you, that I am in control, that I love you, that I am working for your good, that I will supply all your needs, that in me you will find fullness of joy.” Hmmm…a gentle, but very direct rebuke that hit me right where I needed it. Yes, sometimes I need to be told over and over again too.

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