I used to think the world holistic was spelled with a “w” as in “wholistic” because it refers to an understanding and treatment that involves the whole picture. So I was surprised when I learned that it was spelled holistic and had no relationship whatsoever to the word “whole.”

As I have considered a holistic approach to life as a believer, I have come to the conclusion that the word is actually related to “holy” as in “holy-istic”. Don’t ask me what the “istic” part means, but the holy clearly has to do with Christ setting us wholly apart, not just certain areas of our life, but the whole of it.

A holy-istic life is one that is characterized by Christ in every aspect. It is such a common thing in our culture to view our service, our time in Bible study, our church attendance as the holy part of our life, and the diaper-changing, long commute to work, house cleaning, cooking, working, as the physical “necessary evils” of living in this world. Sadly, this does not lead to a very holistic approach to our relationship with Christ.

God has really been showing me that to be wholly His is to surrender to Him in every aspect of life. To see floor mopping, and dish-washing as God honoring activities. To see reading a story to my 4-year old, and writing an encouraging letter to a struggling friend as opportunities to make much of Him. To see working on my book, editing for translators world wide, and tucking my kids into bed as divine appointments. To see each mundane event of the daily grind, the disastrous, unplanned moments, and the delightful spiritual surprises of every day, all as part of His holy-istic plan for my life.

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  • Amen sweet Lady. Acknowledging Christ’s presence in every moment of the day will help me keep His perspective! How’s the move going? Congratulations on the book again…what an accomplishment for the Kingdom!

    1 Jessica said this (June 6, 2012 at 2:54 pm) Reply

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