Her Children Shall Rise Up…

My mom is many wonderful things, but adventurous is certainly not among them. She has honed caution to a new height. Risk is on the get-your-mouth-washed-with-soap list.  She is unfailingly loyal, genuine, loving, patient, caring, generous, organized, thorough, honest, and friendly. My mom is good at many things.  She is a good housekeeper (yes, her house will pass the white glove test at any given moment), a good cook, and a good companion.  She is a model of stability. She is not a risk taker.

So what possessed her to drop everything a reasonably comfortable life in suburbia had to offer and embrace a life that was full of change, full of adventure, full of risk? Change like 10 moves within a decade. Adventure like traveling in a small Cessna plane for over two hours and being dropped in the middle of the jungle alone, save her husband, and two small daughters. Risk like poisonous snakes, jaguars, irate and primitive tribal people, hostile governments,  and a limited food supply. What possessed her indeed?

It certainly went against every fiber of her natural being. Especially when countless individuals cautioned her against such rash behavior. But one thing compelled her. One thing held sway and would not relent. One force was far more powerful than her fears, her compulsive caution, her reticence to embrace change. And that one thing was love. “The Love of Christ” compelled. So with trembling heart held firmly in the Master’s hand, my mother submitted to His plan, accepted her own weaknesses and fears as mountains He would overcome, and obeyed God’s commission to go to the uttermost with the gospel of Christ.

For over 30 years my parents have obeyed that call. My mother’s faithfulness is a shining beacon to our family. It is a reminder that “God uses the weak things of this world.” Yes, she still squeals and squirms at the sight of a spider or large insect. It isn’t like she “got over it.” Instead God has given her the grace to live through it. And her children do indeed rise up and call her blessed. Christ’s love in her drove her to a place of surrender. And out of her surrender grew a precious worship that pervades our entire family.  My heritage is a gift from God I do not take lightly. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to my Heavenly Father for the wonderful example I have in my mom. Happy Mother’s Day, MOM. I am so proud of you!

2 Responses to "Her Children Shall Rise Up…"

  • She is a great woman!! I love her too!!

    1 sue owens said this (May 13, 2012 at 9:48 pm) Reply

  • I am so humbled by what you wrote, Tabitha!! I am living proof of the verse that says something like, faithful is He who calls us who also will do it. It was ALL GOD!! I can never thank Him enough for how He has blessed us as a family. ( Also for how he protected us for every time we went thru the rapids on the way to Acanana as well as all the many other time He protected us!)
    I also can never thank Him enough for blessing you are to us!!! May God continue to bless you greatly as you continue to yield to Him and be used of Him. May He be glorified through your life both now and always!

    2 Darlene said this (May 14, 2012 at 8:28 pm) Reply

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