He Opens His Hand

“You open your hands and satisfy the desires of every living thing.” Psalm 145:16. Years ago I read this verse on a calender my sister had and it has become one of my favorites ever since. The picture that accompanied this verse was a hummingbird sipping nectar from an out-of-focus flower. This image combined with the verse, impacted me powerfully and I have often mediated on this truth, imagining God’s hand in each little detail that sustains life. This morning in my time of prayer and meditation, I wrote this poem from that verse. And as I wrote, the truth of God’s open hand suddenly jumped out of Scripture at me. By His open hand, my deepest need and deepest desire has been met forever. I find myself like Job, uttering in awe, “I am undone!”

You Open You Hand

You open your hand in a flower.
And quench the hummingbird’s thirst.
You open your hand in a rain shower,
And water the parched, dusty earth.
You open your hand in the sunlight,
And every flower is satisfied.
You open your hand in the dark night,
And the moon holds fast the tide.
You open your hand in the wind blast,
The sparrow takes to the sky,
You open your hand in the my broken past,
And home in your arms I can cry.
For you opened your hand, on that dreaded day,
You satisfied my deepest need,
Nails pierced those hands and I heard you say,
“It is finished, my child has been freed.

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