Greater is He that is within us–EVERYWHERE

I’m on a 13 hour flight back from the other side of the world. I got a new stamp in my passport, saw a wonder of the ancient world, and gathered with believers in Jesus from more than six countries. It is amazing to me how God brings unity to his body across culture and space. Our time together was infused with the sweetness of His Spirit, in spite of our host country’s determination to rid themselves of God. It’s hard for me to imagine living in that dark place, where you can be “invited” into the police station, wined and dined by officials, and then “offered the opportunity” to spy on Christians.

Yet these precious brothers and sisters radiate his joy. Several were international college students from various countries in Africa, from stable Ghana and Kenya, to troubled Nigeria and Sudan. One girl told me she has not been home to see her family in three years because the political situation is so dangerous.  Others in our group were purposefully planted believers serving in the medical and teaching fields, all the while building His kingdom incognito. Their confidence and joy in being a part of God’s great global plan was inspiring.

One thing I constantly discover in traveling—Satan uses different tactics all over the world to turn people away from God.

In some countries I have seen mass worship of a pantheon of false gods that consumes the lives and customs of the people.

In other places I’ve seen animism, superstition, and the fear of the spirit world control and dominate.

On this trip, I saw the stubborn indifference and ignorance of a people toward a God they don’t need, and are pretty sure doesn’t even exist—at least that’s what their government and education system has told them. And they won’t put up with the spread of any dissident idea.

In our own country, we don’t know how much we have to be grateful for. Beyond taking for granted the freedoms we experience, we also seem prone towards indifference, sung to sleep by the hum of industrial progress.

Satan is crafty. His wiles are both wicked and clever. Even though it’s the same basic trip everywhere in the world—that trick that says I can do something to take care of myself—it’s played out in a myriad of different ways.

The sad reality of millions is this indifference toward God, an all-consuming expectation to achieve a full life without him—wealth, security, success can all be attained within the aspiring human spirit. Of course the difficulty is that part of the message is true. The indomitable human spirit does achieve incredible fetes—including wealth, and success. But the tragedy is the human spirit on its own can never achieve it’s full potential without acknowledging his Creator. No security of this world, no power, wealth or status can truly satisfy our deepest longings.

But the good news remains; because the other amazing truth I discover anew each time I travel, is that God’s goodness, his power and his kingdom penetrate the darkness; his love, his redemption foils Satan’s evils schemes. I am not overcome “with evil”; instead I see “evil overcome with good.”  And the “people who live in darkness, see a great light,” because the lie only satisfies for a moment, His truth, his promises, satisfy for this life and beyond.

The challenge is not to settle. Not to allow the lie of Satan to penetrate even in the dull monotony of every day life, but instead to live expectantly in the joy of Jesus. For His kingdom is growing, and His love is the eternal light that will extinguish forever the evil that has for so long denied Him. Indeed the greatest truth I see over and over again, everywhere I go is that He who is in us is greater, than he who is in the world.

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