God’s Greatest Gift

This morning I finished the book, One Thousand Gifts. The author, Ann Voskamp shares how God used a challenge given to her by a friend to change her outlook on life. This challenge was to write down 1000 blessings–one thousand gifts–she could thank God for. In the process of learning to be thankful, she became fully aware of God’s greatest gift–Himself.

I found her journey compelling. And her discovery exhilarating. It’s as if the blessings of this life are God’s bread crumb path that leads us to Him. Each bread crumb that we receive with thankfulness draws us closer, leads us deeper into communion with Him. Unfortunately, all to often, we gobble up the bread crumbs with little or not thought to their direction. We miss out on following the path because we become absorbed in enjoying the bread crumbs. Our journey to a deeper understanding of God’s greatest gift is detoured by our lack of thankfulness.

So I took up the challenge this morning, the challenge to “give thanks in all things..”…and I wrote in my journal some of the first gifts that came to mind…

1. Godly Heritage…2. rain on the tin roof….3. Whippoorwill’s song….4. God’s Word….5. winding, muddy river….

What I am curious about is, what are you thankful for? I would love hear from you some of the bread crumbs God has spread on your path.


2 Responses to "God’s Greatest Gift"

  • What I thought would be very interesting is to sit down and think of all of what Christ has done for me and all of his attributes. Gifts that just keep on giving!

    1 Aunt Dona said this (August 25, 2011 at 4:30 pm) Reply

    • Those are certainly a beautiful part of the bread crumb path to intimacy with God Himself. Jesus…His faithfulness…His love…..His grace…His suffering….His perfect sacrifice in our place….

      2 Tabitha Joy said this (August 25, 2011 at 8:49 pm) Reply

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