God’s Grace, our Strength

“…Your strength comes from God’s Grace…” Heb. 13:9 This verse really stood out to me this morning as I read Hebrews 13. God’s grace–His kind, gentle, faithful, and purposeful work in us–is what gives us strength!

I used to believe that God would never give me more than I can handle. Now I know that simply isn’t true! God gives me more than I can handle every day. He has never promised to make sure I’m not overwhelmed. What He has promised is that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and He will never leave me. He gives me more than I can handle so that I will be constantly aware of my neediness, and constantly dependent on Him.

Many days I have wondered how I can keep going. How is everything going to get done? How can I move again? How can I work faithfully at school, and come home and be an alert, patient, and loving mother? How can I make it to visit Joel on a regular basis, and still complete all the tasks relegated to week end time? How can I process emotionally and logistically all the upheaval that come with moving, including a ministry change? How can I afford to move? How can I make it financially in this present economy? How can I? How can I? How can I?

I can’t. That is the bottom line. But God’s grace in me gives me supernatural strength. It works in me discernment, faithfulness, and endurance. The truth is, this life is more than I can handle, and God knows that. That is why He offers His grace–to save me from a wrecked spiritual condition, to mold me into the image bearer I was created to be, and to redeem every moment of this life. My strength does not come from anything within, or anything this world has to offer. It comes from His grace in me.


3 Responses to "God’s Grace, our Strength"

  • Amen! I once asked an adult Bible Study class to tell me where “God never gives you more than you can handle” is written in the BIble. No one could, but most folks were sure it was in there. Like you say, it is only when we realize life is too much for us to handle that we can really lean on God’s grace.

    1 pastordavesimpson said this (March 23, 2012 at 9:13 pm) Reply

    • It is interesting to me how that idea has infiltrated Christian culture. Unfortunately it carries with it some damaging consequences. Thanks for your comment.

      2 Tabitha Joy said this (March 23, 2012 at 10:36 pm) Reply

  • Wow, Tabitha. I needed to read this today. “To redeem every moment of this life”, really I can really connect with that. Thank you Jesus for your payment!

    3 longsufferingwithjoy said this (June 22, 2012 at 7:02 pm) Reply

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