“God Sense”

There is not doubt that God’s economy just doesn’t line up with ours. At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, I have to admit that His ideas seem downright juxtaposed to common sense at times. “The last shall be first”? and “Weak will confound wise”? I tend to think along the lines of, “The first shall be first” and “The weak confuse the wise.”

Recently I was sharing with a close friend how my journey with God has led me further and further into weakness, how my “natural talents” and abilities, my gifts and strengths seem to mean nothing.  Her response has really stuck with me, as she outlined the story of Gideon the judge whom God used to free Israel from Midianite oppression.

In answer to God’s direct command, Gideon amassed an army of Israelites, 10,000 strong and prepared to engage Midian in battle.  He must have felt pretty proud of his significant obedience. Likely, he praised God for bringing so many people on board with this plan. But God looked at Gideon’s army and, contrary to common sense said, “There are too many men. I can’t use this army.”  Thus, through two different tests he reduced Gideon’s army from 10,000 to 300 men! Gideon must have felt a bit bewildered, even bereft. How was he supposed to carry out God’s plan to defeat Midian with only 300 men? Common sense told him to give up and go home. God told him to sneak down into the Midianite camp to see what was going one. Alas, the Midianites were nearly mad with fear of Gideon and Gideon’s God!  With just 300 men and their obedient leader, God routed the enemy and freed His people from servitude! Common sense would have fled. “God sense” stood firm.

And so I find myself standing by the riverside, like Gideon, my meager assets swept away by obedience to God. Common sense asks, “What can I do now?” God sense, says, “Just trust.”

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