God Knows What You Need

When Joel and I were making plans to go to Venezuela as full time missionaries we struggled with all the work, resources, and financial partnership that was needed to undertake the journey ahead. I remember one evening talking with my dad about trusting God as we embarked on this adventure. With great wisdom and compassion, Dad shared the story of his and mom’s trip to the foreign mission field for the first time. The road had been arduous, the finances wanting, and the emotional upheaval significant. But 30 years later, this is the nugget of truth he shared with great conviction: “God knows exactly what you need. When we got to the field, we didn’t have the money to turn around and come home when things were tough. But we had the prayers to keep us there.”My dad’s words have stuck with me over the years and been a constant challenge to my thinking. Whenever I fall into the trap of thinking I know what I need, and God will help me to achieve it if I only ask and trust him, Dad’s wisdom whispers truth to my soul, “God knows what you need.”
I used to think I knew,
Exactly what I need.
And God would help me get it,
A tree from tiny seed.
If I put my faith in Him,
And planned with great care,
He’d bless each little step,
And always be right there.
Then in a lightning bolt,
I saw Jesus on his knees.
Begging for an out,
Making desperate pleas.
The Father turned away,
He let the Son be cursed,
Hanging on a tree,
And suffering man’s worst.
The picture is so clear,
And from it I can see,
It’s God who truly knows,
Exactly what I need.
My deepest need is met,
By that one splendid deed.
And true faith does spring forth,
From just a tiny seed.
God’s not hear to help,
But to take the lead.
And He has made a way,
To meet my greatest need.

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