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My brother is pastoring a new church here in WI and I am the very blessed sibling who gets to have a small part in his church plant. On Sunday he introduced a new series he will be doing that is basically an overview of the message of the Bible. His sermon emphasized that the Bible is God’s message to us, His communication with us, His revelation about Himself. So often the Bible gets categorized as a “how-to” book, or a “self-help” book, relegating it the status of an improvement manual. Sadly these misconceptions about the Word of God leave us rather “me” centered.  It is a natural human tendency to look at God’s Word and say, “What’s in it for me?” or “What can I get out of it?” My brother discussed the issue of sin that has turned our whole perspective upside down. Instead of worshiping and serving God, we demand a God who serves us. Instead of accepting God’s Message as a revelation of Himself, we expect it to cater to our needs and desires. As I listened to him talk about our idolatry, it struck me that we, the created have attempted to create. We are god creators.

God Creators

Created by God,
Yet we deny His power,
Made in His image,
We ignore Him more by the hour.

His handiwork displayed,
And we mock His name,
Making gods for ourselves,
Playing the religion game.

We are god creators,
Designing our own will,
Creating in our image,
Our desires to fill.

We make our own gods,
and still not satisfied,
We struggle to find meaning,
Clinging to worthless pride.

Wicked images of a god,
Crafted in our mind,
Who serves the will of man,
It is the greatest of crimes.

Trading places with God,
The created with the creator,
We lose our own identity,
When we deny our maker.
Putting down the chisel,
God makers no more,
We find ourselves in Him,
And know He’s worth living for.

Ceasing to worship self,
The idols crash and fall,
When we find ourselves in Him,
And see Him as Lord of all.

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