God Chasers

This morning we had a Christmas Tea at our church with a beautiful and thought provoking dramatic presentation on the wise men. Since I grew up in a Christian home, I have known this story “forever.” But today God impressed me with new insight.

The Magi studied the stars, studied the prophecies and determined that all the signs pointed to the arrival of a Jewish King. Once they came to that conclusion, their pursuit was single-minded. Their desire to worship the coming king was focused and determined. The Magi became God-chasers, leaving behind their own homeland and traveling for years in search if this king. They endured rugged terrain and desert wastelands, unfailingly loyal to their quest. The Magi’s pursuit of Jesus is compelling and beautiful. But as I pondered the challenge of the Magi’s pursuit, a pursuit of even greater beauty caught my attention.

The Magi came from Babylon/Persia. This is exactly where Danial was when he wrote his prophetic book. Since the Babylonians and Persians prided themselves for their open-minded approach to world religions, it’s not a stretch to imagine that Danial’s book might have found its way into the Babylonian libraries. These wise men who studied the stars, very likely also studied the writings of Daniel the Jewish prophet so respected by their ancient predecessors.  In one of Israel’s worst eras, God used their exile to prepare the way for His Messiah. Daniel, exiled from his home, worshiped God with singular passion in a foreign land. And God used him to write prophetic Scripture that the Magi would read generations later. God in His passionate pursuit of mankind, worked even in the midst of Israel’s exile, to spread abroad His renown. And then when the time was right, He placed the star in just the right place for them to see it.  Clearly, the Magi’s pursuit of Jesus is secondary to His pursuit of them.  And that is truly compelling.

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