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A   family friend who is a missionary to tribal people overseas wrote a challenging letter the other day that fit right into what God has been reminding me of recently.

He shared  Matthew 6:19-20 as it is sounds in their language:

And Jesus, not stopping (his discourse yet), said additionally to the people, as he sat up on the mountain:
“Don’t save/store the stuff that you have in a multiplying sort of way here on earth.  For it can go bad very quickly here because of termites and rust.  And over and above that, thieves could easily take it, after breaking forcefully into your house.  Therefore you ought to exchangingly store it in heaven.  For by living by the words of the true God, by doing that which is important, you ought to exchangingly store stuff over there.  Simply store there in order that things multiply becoming much over there.  There where there is no going bad, there where there are no mice, there where there is no rust, just store well there, where the thieves won’t steal it. ”

I love the simple, straightforward message  in this rendering. It gets right to the heart of the issue. Live for now, and lose it all. Or live for God and have true treasure in heaven.  A missionary pastor from this tribe, had visited a national city and spoken in a church there. Of course the city life was overwhelming to him with all its opulence, and pomp. However, seeing with eyes fixed on eternity, he spoke these words to the congregation: “Yes, you live in a pretty place with big buildings.  You have pretty homes.  And you have big wide roads too.  But this all is not forever-stuff.  So I tell you people here, teaching the true God’s words is far better than living in a pretty city.  It is worth far more.  It should be more pleasant to us and more tasty than things that don’t truly have value.”

This challenge convicts me. I live in a “pretty world.” And sometimes, I just get content with status-quo, instead of allowing God to give me forever-eyes, that focus on the forever-stuff. The litmus test for  focus, in my life is asking myself these questions: “What gets me bent out of shape? What irritates me, or evokes a strong emotional response? Where do I spend my efforts and energy?” The answers quickly help me to see if forever-stuff is actually getting the attention and energy or if I am all wrapped up in the comfort of this life.

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