Entropy’s Demise

For as long as we have owned a car it has always been a Honda. Our family, including parents and siblings are partial to these very reliable, high endurance vehicles. What is funny is that Roman has picked up on this and at six, is convinced there is no other car worth having. (No, this is not a Honda commercial, although perhaps it should be.) The other day as we were climbing in the Odyssey to go to school, Jaden commented that grandma’s door on her Accord won’t stay open unless you hold it, so it often closes on your leg as you’re getting into the car.

I replied, “That’s not the way it was made; it’s supposed to stay open but obviously something is broken in the hinge or a spring or something.”

Roman, overhearing this conversation from the back piped up, “What do you mean?”

“Well, something inside the door mechanism is broken and that’s why it won’t stay open.” I repeated, not sure what he didn’t understand.

“What! A Honda? Broken?” Came his indignant reply. Alas, even Hondas will eventually disappoint. I had to chuckle at his shocked comment. But it also paved the way for a precious teachable moment.

“Roman,” I explained, “There is a law in this world that says, ‘All things tend toward entropy.’ This means that everything in the world is in the process of breaking, decaying, dying. But what’s amazing is that one day when God makes a new heaven and a new earth, that law won’t be true anymore. Everything will be fresh and nothing will wear out…ever!”

“Even cars?” Came his very concrete reply.

“Hmmm…I’m not sure we will need cars, but if we do, even they will no longer wear out,” I reassured him.  Then we talked about our bodies and how they grow old and eventually die because of entropy. But one day we will no longer be victims of death and decay. What a joyous thought!

That conversation with Roman and Jaden has stuck with me this week. I have meditated on the truth that entropy is essentially the curse of sin. And Jesus by his resurrection from the dead has broken that curse, so that one day we will live in a world where entropy no longer reigns.

Entropy’s Demise
Prisoners in entropy’s grasp,
Constrained by space and time,
My mind cannot conceive,
Of heaven’s shore sublime.
A place where time doesn’t wear,
Nothing races toward decay,
Where we live in the constant Now,
Joy and delight never fade.
Words like old, worn, and wrecked,
No longer have any place,
Phrases like lost and broken,
Are redeemed by the now of grace.
Where looking upon his countanance,
Brings on an emotional rush,
And caught in the delight,
A face that is smiling and flushed.
Oh, entropy’s vice-like grip,
Is short-lived, this we know.
And yet we hold so tightly,
Afraid to let this world go.
When just beyond our mind’s eye,
Entropy is forever undone,
And Life tends toward life,
In the eternal light of the Son.


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