Don’t Worry about Anything…Instead PRAY

For the past 4 months Joel has been struggling with severe neck pain that has progressed to the point of making regular daily tasks nearly impossible. In spite of therapy, chiropractic care, and muscle relaxants, he continues to experience severe pain. Some days are less-painful than others, but truly there are no good days. Chronic pain has a way of  zapping the emotions, and exhausting the mind. Furthermore, last month, Joel was also diagnosed with tachycardia, or irregular heartbeat, which may or may not be serious, but definitely needs to be treated. So he has undergone tests for that and is on medication.  The limitations he experiences because of these health issues are disheartening. And the concern about potentially serious causes for these issues also weighs heavily on our minds. Last night as we were crawling into bed, Joel expressed his deep sadness and worry about his physical condition. Truly it is discouraging, and overwhelming. I find myself exhausted and falling further and further behind.  This is our life right now.

Sometimes I am tempted to ask “Why us?” And “When will we get a break?” At other times, I can honestly acknowledge and accept that health issues are an obvious result of the fall, part of living in broken world.  And still in other moments I am overwhelmed by the great love of God and His comforting presence in the bleak moments of life. Because the fall did not leave us destitute. We are broken but God is the Healer. We are lost, but God is the Seeker. We are sinners. But He is the Savior. This “eternal” perspective sometimes shines through the clouds of misery and gives me a light, hopeful, expectant heart!

At times I am ashamed at my own ambivalence. I would love to have achieved “SUPER CHRISTIAN” status by now, wherein discouragement and frustration no longer assail me. But the truth is, the longer I journey on this path of life, the more convinced I am that SUPER CHRISTIANS are just a figment of  my imagination. I am not, after all, a Buddhist laboring towards Nirvana. I am a child of God, whose emotional response to this world and its trials will always be present. If anything they may even become more acute as my perspective turns ever heavenward. However, the plumb line of my faith is not my emotions. Instead the plumb line can be found in this precious reminder from Phil. 2: “Don’t worry about anything. Instead, PRAY about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done.” And so we pray in our discouragement. We pray in our discomfort. We pray in our overwhelmed state. And we beg you to pray with us and for us. Pray that we won’t worry, but instead we WILL talk to God faithfully–telling Him our needs, and THANKING Him for all he has done.

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