Don’t Kill Your Own Messiah

I just finished a course on New Testament interpretation. As I studied the four gospels I was continually amazed at the evidence that Jesus was the Messiah promised by the Old Testament prophets. But I was equally stunned by the stubborn rejection of his people. John so poetically notes, “He came unto his own, and his own received him not…” As I studied the position of the Pharisees, religious leaders and zealots for the purity of the Jewish religion, my soul heard the warning of past ages. How quickly these purists, these devoted followers of the one true God, fell for the lies of Satan.  Steeped in their own pride, they rejected the very Truth they proclaimed. And what about the Scribes, entrusted with the sacred task of preserving the Scriptures–the very Word of God–that appearing in flesh before them, they openly scorned. How could these who were saturated by the prophecies of old, kill their own Hopes? And again, the warning sounds.  Then there are the Sadducees, royalists, who longed for a political kingdom. Those who were sure God intended the supremacy of the Jewish nation in the kingdoms of the world through the priestly line of Aaron. Those who had come to seek satisfaction in the power of the world, forsaking any belief in a here-after. Perhaps they are the ones in which the slide is most obvious. But the warning still sounds. These, His own, received him not, because they were too busy promoting their own beliefs, assuring their own “holiness” and angling for their own high position. And so they missed out. 

Let us head the warnings, and be among those “as received him, to whom he gave power to become sons of God.”

Don’t Kill Your Own Messiah–for the Pharisees, Scribes, and Sadducee

You have a form that’s nigh airtight,
A series of commands,
A vision that is good and right,
You maintain pure hands.

You promote a hope eternal,
A promised Messiah to come,
Written in the prophet’s journals,
You await this holy one.

In Justice you aspire to walk,
The law must be revered,
You hold the masses to the dock,
And keep your own name clear.

But in your holy expectation,
Your ideal becomes your god,
And without one trepidation,
You call your Messiah a fraud!

You deny the resurrection,
And denounce the spirit realm,
You lavish your affection,
On your leader at the helm,

You claim a view of God,
Through the priestly line of old,
At the Pharisees you scoff,
And the pious Scribes you scold.

Your expectations lie at home,
You need no further hope.
And in your priests alone,
Lie the power that you stoke.

For the truth of His Word,
You do not have the time.
The ancient script is absurd,
And what can really be divine?
You find a path that you hold dear,
It seems right unto man,
What need of a Messiah here?
With politics at hand?

Don’t kill your own Messiah,
with your ritualistic rules,
Don’t kill your  own Messiah,
You rationalizing mules,
Don’t kill your own Messiah,
You hedonistic fools.

The path you forged is clear,
What you waited for has come,
But you don’t want to hear,
About the Holy One.
Come to bear your sins,
And heal the blind and dumb,
Inviting the broken in,
And bidding the burdened to come.

Oh what a sad illusion,
Timeless in its scope,
How quickly we buy confusion,
Man’s wisdom we call hope.

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