Divine Convenient Church

Marshall, Roman and I were driving through town today when Marshall read the name of a church as we passed, “Divine Convenient Church” He said. And then he burst out in laughter. Roman and I were cracking up too. What kind of name is that for a church?

I said, “Maybe it’s Divine Covenant Church.”

Marshall nodded. “Yeah,” He answered. “I figured I had read it wrong, but it took me a minute to realize what it actually said.”

I was still chuckling. “What is wrong with a church named convenient?” I asked. “I mean it’s obvious we all know that isn’t an appropriate name for a church. Why not?”

Roman was quick to answer. “Because church isn’t convenient. Who thinks getting up early in the morning on Sunday is convenient?”  He is right. Church isn’t typically what we would consider convenient.  And that made me wonder how well a “Divine Convenient Church” would do. In our culture where a high priority is placed on convenience, maybe that name would develop mega-status quickly.

Recently, I have been become aware of how impatient I am over so many things—from little issues like how long it takes to check out at the grocery store, to bigger things like projects at work, or Joel’s neck pain. I am just impatient! I want things to work. And I want to fix what doesn’t work. I need convenience. Who has time for complicated! Maybe what I need is a Divine Convenient Church.

You know a church that fits my schedule, meets my needs, makes me happy, helps solve my problems, all with a touch of the divine! Maybe it could serve food for the family on nights when I don’t have time to cook. And maybe it could offer childcare for days when I need to get work done and have nothing to occupy Roman. Maybe it could help me pay my bills, have a car wash while I worship, and free concerts on week ends. Maybe it could discipline my children for me, teach my son to drive, help the boys with homework, and offer lawn care services. Now that would be convenient!

Somewhere in the back of my mind a still small voice is whispering something about patience and the fruit of the Spirit, about love and long-suffering and selflessness. Maybe that’s the divine part breaking through the facade of convenience. Maybe  it’s not convenience I need so much after all. Maybe it’s more reliance on Him.

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