Weakness a Gift

I wanted to share this poem on the main page today. It kind of goes with what I wrote yesterday. I will move it to the poetry page in a few days.

Confounded by Weakness

You say I’ll know your strength,
When I find myself needy and weak.
When my heart is truly broken,
And my future seems only bleak.

You say I’ll know your strength,
It will come to life in me.
And all the shattered dreams,
Will only help me to see.

That your grace is enough,
Your power in my darkness is real.
Your yoke is light and easy.
The trade in is quite a deal.

Still I hold on for dear life,
Clinging to my own way.
Thinking if I let go,
I can’t face another day.

I’m trapped by my determination,
Held captive by my own will.
Struggling against the truth.
Refusing to be still.

I want to know your strength,
But I want to be strong too.
I want to do it myself,
And not have to rely on you.

Just a little help is all, Lord.
I can get by with that.
“No my child,” You whisper.
“Without me, you’ll fall flat.”

“Weakness is the gift I offer.
“Take it now and see.
My strength is made perfect in you.
Neediness is the key.”

This precious treasure is yours,
I give both desire and power.
My Spirit in you is strong,
For each need and every hour.”

“Until you embrace your need,
My supply you’ll never know.
But when you give in to me,
My strength in you will flow.”

I cannot do this alone,
With trembling voice I cry.
You are my only hope,
Face down in the dust I lie.

My strength is sapped,
My life is torn,
My heart barely beats,
I’m ragged and worn.
But in my helplessness,
Your mercy abounds,
I feel your presence,
And your love that surrounds.

Your grace really is enough,

Your strength is perfect in me.
My weakness is your gift,
That has opened my eyes to see.

One Response to "Weakness a Gift"

  • Amen! When I am weak, HE is strong. Praises to His Awesome Name!

    1 Jessica said this (May 21, 2012 at 1:36 pm) Reply

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