Could You Just Show Me Chapter and Verse?

If you have read my “pray” page recently, then you know that I received an offer of a publishing contract on my book last month. Having been prompted by the Spirit to publish my work, this is something I have been pursuing for several months through various avenues. But I’ll admit I was still surprised when I received this offer and felt that I needed to do some careful research on the company and their handling of the publication process.

I began to pray that God would give me wisdom to make the right decision about this offer. I also did a lot of homework, tracking down as much information as I could on the entire publishing process.It may seem silly that I would feel the need to consider carefully before signing this contract. But the truth is, I am new to the entire process, and had no idea how many different options exist for getting a book published, especially for first time authors. (Or how time-consuming it can be.) Along with publishing the book is the whole need for publicity in order to sell it when it does come out. How do I go about doing that? Where are the best places to market a book? And the list of questions goes on endlessly.

What I am finding out about myself is that I  wish God would write the answers to my prayers across the sky. Could He just insert a verse in Scripture that says, “Tabitha, the first publishing offer you get on your book is from me. Sign it, and get on with the process’? That would make my decision so much easier! But when the crowds asked Jesus for a sign, He said, “A perverse generation seeks after a sign.” This recent reminder in a Sunday sermon, forced me to take a hard look at my own expectations for a “sign” from God. I should be seeking hard after Him, not a sign. Am I becoming distracted by my own expectations? Is my faith based on some mystical experience? No! It is based on God and His precious revelation of Himself in His Word.

Truly, I cannot find a chapter and verse for every tough decision that comes into my life. That is what forces me to trust Him moment by moment and to be sensitive to His Spirit. A couple nights ago in our family Bible time we read the story of Elijah in the cave, and how God spoke to him in a still, small voice–not in the storm, not in the earthquake, not in the fire. Just a quiet, gentle voice. I would love for some kind of “earthquake” answer. But again, this passage of Scripture teaches that God reveals Himself in His own way, in His own time. IF I am sensitive and yielded to Him, I won’t need some mystical experience to choose the right path.



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  • I’ve had 3-4 friends who’ve been published. If you would like me to ask them any questions, or give you their fb link, let me know.

    1 Kbh said this (August 17, 2011 at 10:17 am) Reply

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