Growing up in Venezuela, volley ball was a big sport at the mission school. Every week end evening, we spent on the volley ball court until lights out. Even though I played regularly, I was slow to rise above the level of mediocre. I wasn’t the kind of player that got chosen for a team. I was merely one of the leftovers that got assigned. I will never forget one evening, however, as we gathered on the court and two captains began to pick teams. The first captain to choose called my name! I was shocked! He had picked me on purpose. I was not a leftover fill-in. I was chosen. He wanted me to be a part of his team! I played with enthusiasm and purpose that evening. My sets were straight, my serves consistent. I was in the zone!

Don’t we all love that feeling of being chosen? Of knowing we are wanted. Of feeling valuable. Of having a purpose. It works within us a desire to succeed!

How amazing then is the choosing of God! Infinitely powerful, perfectly wise, wholly complete in Himself, God chooses us! He looks out over humanity and He says with unwavering conviction, “I choose you.”

Romans 8:30 says that God planned ahead for us. What did He plan? That we would be conformed to the image of Christ! That we would be His image bearers to the World. God chose to use us in His precious plan to redeem mankind! Jesus told the Pharisees when they demanded that His disciples stop their worship of Jesus, “Look, if they were silent, the rocks would cry out in praise!” God could use rocks to shout out His praise. They certainly would provide less resistance at times. But He doesn’t. He chooses to use me!

This perspective gives me a whole new appreciation for ministry. No longer is ministry my gift to God. Rather it is clearly His gift to me. He is choosing me to participate in His eternal plan. What a precious gift!

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