Catching Up

I haven’t posted much in the way of a personal update for awhile so thought maybe it is  time I do that. The truth is, I don’t post much about our day to day lives, because who has time to read that kind of stuff. Plus my conviction that this blog should be about the glory of God, keeps me seeking Him and sharing the personal story of His gracious hand in my life. His glory, His grace, His love and provision…now those are subjects worth reading about. But alas, the glory of His personal care in our lives is often enhanced when we get personal with one another.

The Boys and Joel

The visitor room at the prison recently acquired some games! This is a real treat for the boys. They have truly enjoyed playing games with their dad on the last couple visits. Last week we went up to see Joel without Roman because it is a long exhausting day for him, and he has a tendency to wear the rest of us out as well. He was so sad when he found out that we left him behind. When I got home and picked him up from Grandma’s house, he asked several times when he was going to get to see dad. I cannot thank God enough for the genuine love the boys have for Joel and the closeness they share in spite of our present circumstances.

Joel has received official word that his transfer request for Wisconsin has been accepted. Currently his application for halfway house this summer is in process. Please pray that he is accepted to the halfway-house for June 21, the date requested by his case manager. It is hard for both of us to imagine that he has less than six months left to his sentence.

Recently, we had an intense talk about his release, and what it would be like for him to live in the real world. Joel has learned a lot about the nature of addiction, and the deceptiveness of his own mind. This awareness has helped Joel develop a desire to live with integrity, acknowledging his weaknesses and seeking help rather than trying to hide his struggles.  The bottom line that we are both so aware of, is our constant need for God’s grace and strength.


The current plan for our family is to finish the school year here in FL and then move up to Wisconsin this summer so we can be close to Joel. Wycliffe Associates has offered me a job as a home school coordinator for their many tribal missionaries who are home schooling overseas in remote locations. This is a job I could do from home, mostly online. I will be finding out more about this exciting opportunity next month when I get to meet with the head of that department. Of course the work, and emotional strain of moving kind of freaks me out at this point. But at the same time, I am confident this is where God is leading our family and when I look at it form that perspective, I can’t help but be a bit excited too.

My Book

My book is currently in the editing phase at the publishers. I am delighted to have just received an endorsement from Carol Kent one of the authors whose books I have recommended on my “Great Reads” page.  I have appreciated so much her godly perspective, and faithfulness in the midst of intense trials. It is beyond exciting for me to receive an endorsement from someone I admire so much!  I am not sure yet of an exact date when  my book will be available. But it should be out late in the spring.

So now you know how to pray! Thanks so much for standing with our family, loving us, encouraging us and most of all praying for us! We feel the fresh power of those prayers daily.

6 Responses to "Catching Up"

  • Such a sweet story about Roman! Your attitude and encouragement of the kids and regular visits with Joel has obviously made a big difference with them too in enabling them to have such a close relationship with him! What a precious gift! Praising with you about the games and Joel’s soon release and the job change option AND your book! Praying with your for your move and all the adjustments that go with that! To God be the glory! Love you!

    1 Joy said this (January 24, 2012 at 1:04 pm) Reply

  • PS When your book makes you famous, you need to publish your poetry too! Powerful stuff, girl!

    2 Joy said this (January 24, 2012 at 1:08 pm) Reply

  • That is so encouraging to hear! I’ll keep praying for you guys and all of what you shared! all glory to GOD! Col 3:23 Gal 2:20

    3 Jared said this (January 31, 2012 at 4:53 pm) Reply

    • Thanks! Enjoyed our chat the other night! It’s so awesome to share what God is doing in our lives.

      4 Tabitha Joy said this (January 31, 2012 at 6:50 pm) Reply

  • Dear Tabitha, We continue to pray for you and your precious family. Moving is always an little anxious time, at least it has been for me, however, with each move God has provided just the Christian family fellowship I needed. Within these times God has given me a wonderful friend, who has become like a sister; where I can share my heart. This is my prayer for you. If we can be of any help please call upon us.
    Hugs always, Patti

    5 Patti Edwards said this (January 31, 2012 at 5:02 pm) Reply

    • Thanks for your sweet encouragement and for your prayers.

      6 Tabitha Joy said this (January 31, 2012 at 6:50 pm) Reply

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