Are You Rich? (part 2)

As I have continued to ponder the parable of the master who entrusted three servants with a specific sum while he was away, I’ve stepped out of the material realm to which this parable directly points, and into more indirect and sometimes overlooked areas of wealth. A study I am doing on the parables of Christ asked me this question: What “talents” has God generously entrusted you with? And then it offered several suggestions: Spiritual gifts, mental abilities, Physical abilities, Special talents.

If we are honest and not wracked with the need for faux-humility most of us will admit that God has blessed us with most if not all of these things to some degree.  Every believer is given at least one spiritual gift–one special draw and ability–that is intended for the building up of His body. If you are capable of reading this post then you can claim mental ability. Of course the curse has wracked some bodies rendering them weak but many of us have healthy bodies, and unusual physical abilities or gifts. Now admitting to special talents, might seem borderline self-indulgent. But the truth is if we acknowledge those talents as a gift from God, then we are not indulging self, we are praising Him. I believe God created each of us to be unique and thus we each possess abilities that are unique to us.

After these suggestions the author gave a spot for other (name it). My first thought was the “talent” of  a spiritual heritage. Again I am drawn to Jesus’ claim, “To whom much is given, much shall be required.” The Jews had been given so much. They were the chosen, beloved people of God. They had been given His direct commands written in stone. They had been given the prophets. They had been given the privilege of being the race through which Jesus would come as Redeemer and Savior. They were truly blessed with a unique spiritual heritage. And yet Jesus “came to His own (the Jews) and His own received Him not.” The Pharisees are a prime example of those to whom much was given, yet squandering it. What a challenge! Jesus was so gentle, patient, and winsome with the poor, ill, and seeking individuals; But he seemed harsh, radical, and divisive with the religious leaders. Much was indeed required of them. And they failed miserably. How sad!

In the area of spiritual heritage, I am indeed rich beyond words. I am a third (possibly fourth) generation Christian on my mom’s side. My parents and grandparents pored spiritual truths, and genuine God-love into me from my earliest years. Beyond that I have aunts, uncles, in-laws, and siblings who passionately seek God, and challenge me to do the same.  My longing and prayer is that I would not hoard this wealth. God has blessed me to pour it out of me. Much has been given, and much is required. My spiritual heritage is a gift I am wholly aware of and strongly desire to pass on, not only to my own children, and my family within the body of Christ, but also to unbelievers who might “see in our history, the faithful love of the Lord.” (Psalm 107:43)

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