And the Hits Just Keep Coming…

Life on this earth is full of hits, sometimes more intense ones, the closer we walk with our Savior. I don’t find our family’s “crisis” to be unreasonable or unrealistic for this life. As a matter of fact, any time I am tempted to self-pity, I come face to face with someone else’s “bumps” which quickly redirects my thoughts from “I don’t deserve this” to “Thank you God for your loving faithfulness in the midst of this.” If each of us were to list the people we know facing devastation we would probably have a litany of issues that would encircle the earth. I don’t mean to sound like a fatalist, but that is the reality of living in a fallen world. Personally, my litany includes  friends with cancer,  several friends with incarcerated husbands or family members, many in my own family dealing with debilitating and potentially fatal health conditions, children with chronic health issues, job loss, financial instability, etc. etc. etc.

This week we are facing another “hit”–Joel’s neck surgery. After six months of living with chronic, worsening, and debilitating pain, he will have  ruptured disk fragments removed and the vertebrae fused at two points. Ouch! I feel the pain just writing those words. But I’m also amazed that we live in a world and even a culture where this kind of delicate medical procedure is  somewhat routine, with, as the surgeon put it, “very little risk.” Because of this surgery, Joel has a hope of living pain free one day. He has a chance at healing. He has an expectation of restored health and functionality in his future. There is much to be thankful for.

Still it is a physically painful path not to mention emotionally draining for him and the rest of us. We were so grateful when Joel’s parents were able to buy tickets and carve out time in their schedule to come up and be with us for the surgery and subsequent hospitalization. It gave us both comfort to know they would be around to help with logistical needs like rides to school for the kids, and also for those emotional and physical needs that can seem so overwhelming. But now, due to health emergencies of their own, Mom and Dad Price can’t come! The very real practical help, the comfort of their presence, the companionship in each step is not a possibility.

As disappointed as we are, I am forcibly brought back to the truth that God is enough. Sometimes He provides for us to feel His presence directly through our spiritual family. And sometimes He arranges for us to rely solely on Him. Often He does both. So while our plans may have been side-railed, I know God is in this journey walking with Joel as he heads into surgery and with me as I seek to support and encourage him through the healing process. I know we are not alone. Please pray for us for each practical and emotional need, but most of all that we would not forget, He is always enough!

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