An Elephant through the Ear of a Needle?

I am blessed by a lifetime of saturation in God’s Word. My parents taught me the Scriptures from before I could walk and talk. And by God’s precious grace, through my adult life I have had many opportunities to sit under incredible Bible teaching. I have read through the Bible multiple times, and have myself attended to regular Scripture reading and memorization. For this pervasion of truth, I am indescribably grateful.

Sadly, I have to admit that sometimes this saturation has bred a familiarity into my life, that tends toward ennui when it comes to Scripture. It becomes rote. The powerful truths become common place. It is to-be-expected. There is little wander  at God’s revelation. Amazement is replaced by acknowledgement.  There is little wonder at God’s incomprehensible nature. Meditation is replaced with expectation.

But God in his incredible grace, places into my path little wake-up calls, moments that demand to be pondered, and I am given a glimpse of his precious Word through new eyes. This happens to me often in the process of checking Scripture that is being translated into a Bible-less language. And such was the case during my recent trip to Southeast Asia. I was working through the “B language” translation of Mark 10. This is how verse 25 reads:

It is easier for an elephant to go through the ear of a needle than for a rich man to come into the place where God rules.

WHAT? An elephant through a needle’s ear? What does that mean? The cliche had come undone. And suddenly I could visualize the impossibility of a lumbering elephant approaching the tiny hole in a needle that the B people refer to as an ear.  Verse 27 then held a fresh import, “The impossible is possible with God.” A light of revelation switched on in my head and in my heart. My impossibles are God’s possibles! My elephant in the room is his thread of grace through the needle of His faithfulness weaving a tapestry of amazing beauty.



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