A Sacrifice that Honors

When we talk about sacrifice we understand that it entails a cost. That is why the widow’s mites were such a precious gift to Jesus. Because the giving of them involved great sacrifice. That is also why when David wanted to build an alter and offer a sacrifice to God he insisted on paying the owner for the land and the animal, claiming, “I cannot give to God something that has not come at a cost to me. I can’t offer him something that costs me nothing.”

As I think about the “giving up” aspect of sacrifice, I marvel at this verse: “Giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me.” Psalms 50:23a.  I wonder, “How can giving thanks be a sacrifice? How can it cost me to be thankful.” This week I have known the cost of being thankful. It is the cost of surrender. The cost of believing that God is good and does only good. Thankfulness is a sacrifice when it comes from a place of  longing. Giving thanks is the sacrifice of my will for His, of choosing to see the beauty of His hand in the midst of our ugliness.

Tonight as he prayed, Roman thanked God for a couple “gumball machine” toys he had picked up at a garage sale today. I was convicted as I thought of the many times we’ve prayed together as a family begging God to intervene in our family’s situation, but forbearing to thank Him for his daily provision. Roman’s sweet prayer reminded me again of all the things we have to be thankful for, in spite of our present difficulties.  The sacrifice of thanksgiving truly honors my Savior, because it costs me my will.

2 Responses to "A Sacrifice that Honors"

  • The depth that God is revealing himself to you as you continue to live surrendered brings so much honor and glory to Him. I am thankful for this post as I’ve also been thinking about this very thing recently… the sacrifice of being thankful. Thank you for sharing!

    1 Chabela Keefe said this (August 25, 2012 at 11:43 am) Reply

  • Tabitha.. that is one of my life verses!! Praying God to continue to work this truth into our hearts!!

    2 Teresa said this (August 25, 2012 at 11:52 am) Reply

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