A Redemption Story

photophotophotoLife isn’t perfect…even the good isn’t the best. Even happy endings, don’t erase the trauma.

But redemption promises something more. Something that starts in the imperfect of this world, but culminates in the perfect of eternity. Something that takes the horrible and the good, and works in it all for the best. Something that reminds us, the true happy ending is yet to come.

That is the power of God’s redemption. Because of the Perfect becoming Imperfect we can anticipate perfect. Because of Jesus, we have an assurance that every redemption in this life, is merely the starting point…only the beginning of the truest and best kind of redemption, of the real happy ending. What he weaves into our lives here is creating a tapestry of his goodness that will testify to his glory for all of eternity.

Yesterday was a milestone for our family: Joel has officially been home for 3 years. His 3 years of  imprisonment, and 3 months of  separation from the boys, now seem almost like a distant nightmare. Almost…but they are real. Those years are not a nightmare. They happened. Their affects can still be felt. The grief has dissipated; it is not gone. At random moments a question, a comment, an unexpected encounter, and tears spring to Joel’s eyes…or mine.   And that is OK, because the true happy ending is yet to come. We are on a journey. His redemption has promised the good will become the best, the imperfect will be made perfect.

In the meantime we celebrate. We delight in all the good God has planted in us and through us. We thank Him for the precious relationships Joel and the boys have built over these reunited years. We revel in the closeness he has blessed us with. We bask in the warmth of so many God-designed friendships. And we wait…with baited breath…fulling believing in a true, ultimate happy ending!



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