A Key to Growing Faith

Joel owns a 1972 Mini Cooper that he just adores. It will be his wheels when he gets released, but in his absence it has sat forlornly under a cover in the car port.  The other day my dad came by and asked for the key to it, because it’s time to start getting it in running order for Joel’s return. The key always hangs on the hooks by the door and I haven’t driven the car at all since Joel’s been gone. But alas, when I turned to take it from the hook it was not there!  My only vague memory was of seeing the key somewhere, and wondering what it was doing there.  But could I remember picking it up and putting it anywhere? Of course not. Isn’t it crazy how our minds work?

We began to search every place I could think of that the key might be: in drawers, on my dresser, in my jewelry box, in my night stand drawers, in Marshall’s desk (he’s something of a pack rat and things tend to end up in his possession.) But all searching was to no avail.

When I asked the boys to pray for us to find the key, Roman responded, “Oh, I’ve already prayed with grandma about it.”  Carefully I explained that God wants us to keep praying for whatever we need, and trust Him for an answer. So Roman with his concrete four year old understanding, began to pray repeating this phrase: “Dear God, please help mommy find the mini key and amen. Dear God, please help mommy to find the mini key and amen.” Until the boys asked me to please tell him it was enough. OK, so it was beginning to sound a little mantra-ish, but his sincerity could not be questioned. I assured him we would pray again about it at bedtime.

The next day during Roman’s nap, Dad came by to work on some stuff around the house. He asked me if I’d turned up the key. Wretchedly I had to admit that I did not find it. But I began looking in all the same places again, as if it might turn up anyways. Is that faith, or desperation? Maybe a little bit of both. I think Einstein defined it as “insanity.” And maybe believing God for the unusual, and impossible is insane by the world’s standards. As I searched, a miniature ziplock bag on top of my jewelry box caught my eye. Inside was the missing key! Now how didn’t I notice that yesterday when we had searched so hard for it?  Was it really there the whole time and I was just blind?

“Roman, guess what I found?” I asked him when he woke up from his nap. “We prayed and asked God to help us.” I hinted.

“The mini key?” He eagerly answered.

“That’s right. The mini key!”

“Yes!” He said triumphantly, and my mother’s heart warmed. I guess the stress of searching everywhere for that key was well worth seeing my little one’s faith boosted. God reveals Himself in the most unexpected ways!

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