A Greater God

Roman has been struggling with unreasonable and overwhelming fear at bedtime recently. He keeps asking me questions about our house catching on fire, or a bomb being in his room and going off, or someone sneaking into our house to hurt him–typical 4-year-old terrors, I suppose. Each night I explain to him that his fears are not founded in reality. I explain that since we are not actively at war in our homeland, there is no need to worry about a bomb going off in our house. I explain that the “faces” he sees in the hallway are just his imagination, that the door is locked and no one can get in. But it doesn’t seem to settle his little heart. Finally, last night I said to him, ‘Roman, what you really need to know and think about is that God is the one who is taking care of you. The Bible says, when we are afraid to pray and trust in Him. So that’s what you need to do. You need to pray to God and tell him what you’re afraid of, and ask him to protect you.”

“But Mom,” he earnestly replied, “Sometimes God lets the bomb go off, and I’m like, ‘why? why would he let it go off?'” My four year old has discovered that we do not serve a god of our making, a god who will do our bidding and always work things out the way we want. We do not serve the god of easy fixes. Because that god doesn’t exist.

What to tell him so that he understands we serve a Greater God. The God who looks beyond the temporary and sees into eternity. The God who loves beyond our wrecked and sinful state and rescues us from what we deserve, even while allowing us to suffer what we cannot understand. A God who has our eternal good and His glory perfectly balanced. A God whose plan is unquenchable, whose power is unstoppable, whose wisdom is beyond our imagination.

“You’re right, Roman.” I said.  “Sometimes God does let the bomb go off. Exactly what you fear, God could allow to happen. But what you need to know, what you need to understand is that even if that happens, even if your worst fear comes and you die, you will immediately be with Jesus. God will still be taking care of you. God will still be with you. Because he doesn’t always fix the things that could hurt us, but he ALWAYS takes care of us.”

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