A Glimpse

Jesus Loves the Little Children“Let’s go across the road to the cafe and see if we can pick up internet there,” one team member suggested. We had just decided to break from our seminar for a couple hours as a few of the participants had been held up in travel and would not arrive until after lunch. A chunk of “free time” and a cafe sounded perfect. Of course the “cafe” was more of an open-air, side-of-the-road diner with low tables and plastic chairs. We were, after all, in the “middle of nowhere.” And the internet, though well-advertised, was not exactly reliable. But we were blessed to be accompanied by one of our translators who, after helping us order some coffee and a snack, proceeded to share his riveting testimony of how he turned from the traditional religion of his people group to knowing and loving Jesus. That had been more than 25 years ago; so for the past two decades he had involved himself in spreading the message of Christ through out his country.

As he shared his compelling testimony, I looked across the cafe to see a young woman with a baby, maybe a year old, sitting on her hip. Suddenly I was seized with compassion for that child, and I heard God speak these words to my heart. “I love that little one as much as I love you. And my desire is for that child to know me and know my love.” I lost track of the story. I sat there and stared.  I tried to reason this burst of emotions away. Still, I could hear God say to me, “Tell that child of my love. Tell that child, I want her to know me.”

“OK, Lord,” I silently acknowledged. “If you give me the chance. I will go, I will hold that precious baby and I will tell her that you love her.” I don’t speak the local language. I didn’t know what the mother might think of my approaching her. But I could not leave without telling that child of God’s love.

As we paid our bill and rose to leave I made my way over to them. The woman seemed proud to have a “western foreigner” dote on her baby. I could only imagine how much more it would mean to her to know that the God of the universe was “doting on her baby” through me. I held the child’s hand and laid my hand on her face as I said, “God loves you and He wants you to know him. You are precious to him.” I smiled, but there were tears in my eyes and my voice.

For one moment in time, I was the conduit through which God’s love flowed to a tiny girl who will grow up in a pagan world. For one instant, I felt His love and I lived in His desire for that little one to know Him.  It was just a tiny glimpse of God’s powerful love and compassion for the lost that rekindled in my heart an awareness of God’s passionate investment in humanity, of His desire to be known and loved, and the great lengths to which He goes to draw us to Himself.

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