A Creed of Humility

“And now I will walk humbly throughout my years, because of this anguish I have felt…” These are the words Hezekiah proclaimed after God healed him from a deadly disease. What a precious, humble creed! Hezekiah recognized the sovereign hand of God in his illness and his recover. He was humbled by God’s gracious gift of life. I see myself in Hezekiah. When I am brought to a place of keen awareness of my need for God, and God does something powerful for me I feel humbled, grateful and blessed.

Sadly, Hezekiah didn’t follow through. This beautiful confession did not guide his life “throughout his years.” Rather, just a short time later when Babylonian envoys came to visit, he showed off his entire treasury and all that was valued in his kingdom. Pride won over humility and showing off over simplicity.

This is a grave challenge to me. Is it possible that the glitz and glitter of this life, the things the world values can draw my eyes away from “walking humbly”? Of course it’s more than possible. It is practically inevitable without the constant yielding of my spirit to the Spirit of Christ within me. For upon the passage of trials, and the dutiful gratefulness I initially feel, I am almost immediately drawn back into the ruse of caring for myself. Hezekiah had a wonderful opportunity to proclaim the goodness of God to the Babylonian envoys. He could have forgone the tour of his fabulous wealth and instead extolled the God of Life! But He didn’t. And often I don’t either. Still, I am grateful for his example of “flawed worship.” For along with the challenge is a hope, a hope in the God who chose to love and honor Hezekiah even though He knew from the beginning that Hezekiah would not follow his own creed of thankful, humble living.

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