3 Years…

It’s not the kind of anniversary I would ever have wanted to commemorate, but here we are counting 3 years since Joel’s hearing and sentencing in 2009.  Could I have imagined then, where I would be now, would it have made that day any easier? Most assuredly not. But looking back and seeing where we’ve come, makes the memory not only easier but in a strange way precious. For as I allow my mind to wonder I am struck speechless by God’s amazing grace in this journey.

His outpouring of love in the spiritual family that surrounded us on that day was not only a solid assurance of His presence to me, but a testimony of His love to others.  There I sat, frozen in place, afraid to listen, unable to ignore. And around me were loving, praying, kind friends–all willing to bear the reproach our family was experiencing and weep with us as we wept.  No, the out come certainly wasn’t what we’d hoped for. But even in that dark moment of trying to wrap my mind around 63 month, I felt the assurance of God’s ultimate control and authority.

Dark days followed. Long, lonely nights. Waiting to hear from Joel. Wondering how to do life without him by my side. Weary, sad, empty days. But the path of tears is illuminated by the glow of my Savior’s love. And even though the sadness has not abated, the joy of my Lord’s presence has exponentially increased.

So today, as we near the end of this phase in our journey and we look forward with anticipation to Joel’s soon homecoming, I am thankful to acknowledge this day’s history, and to honor my God who is really ALWAYS enough.

“O God, you are good and these three years you have done amazing good. You have gone before me holding my right hand. You have made each crooked place straight and you have hidden me under your wing. In the dark valley of the shadow you have comforted me. I have not wanted because you have been my supply. Your mercy has come into my life according to your word. And in your presence I find fullness of joy. For from your own good hand you have satisfied me. I will celebrate You, today and every day of my life. For you are good and you are enough. “

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  • Despite every struggle, trial and loss, HE is Good and HE is always enough! I celebrate your tender, giving spirit today. You allowed Christ’s Goodness to uphold and transform you. Blessings to your family for ever-more!

    1 Jessica said this (May 23, 2012 at 8:48 am) Reply

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